Evita and Martijn

After our first introductory meeting via FaceTime, we both knew immediately, Esther is going to be our Babs. We immediately felt a click and Esther is a super fun, spontaneous and positive woman!
We also really enjoyed her visit to our home. We had a long and personal conversation, with a smile and a tear.
Interim contact was also very easy. Esther was always helpful in, for example, communicating with the municipality and when in doubt about one thing or another, we could always text or call.

The ceremony was then fantastically taken care of by Esther. She told a very beautiful and coherent story.
This also involved the immediate family and friends, and others present. The wedding ceremony went perfectly.

Several times we were asked whether we had known Esther for years! The ceremony was so personal and we only received positive reactions from our guests!

Esther, thanks again for your valuable contribution to our beautiful day!