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The wedding ceremony is the most personal moment of your wedding. You look into each other's eyes and express your love and loyalty to each other, surrounded by family and friends. I make sure that this most important moment is truly special. A personal ceremony in which you are central with the people who are important to you. With a sense of tradition, emotion, interaction and of course humor! Everything comes together on your day; life, love and connection.

This is me

Love connects, it makes you happy and love is the basis of our existence. It’s always a treat for me to be able to contribute to this!

I was sworn in as a civil wedding officiant in 2003. Since then I have performed many marriages at home and abroad. Involved, empathic, informal, spontaneous, humor and loving are words that apply to me. My speeches are characterized by the interaction that arises with you and your guests. It is also a very special moment for family and friends and I am happy to involve them. This is how surprising moments arise.

I work based on your wishes and I am happy to work with you to make your day unforgettable.

You can read the experiences of other bridal couples here. They have gone before you and have experienced what it is like to be married by me.

I give speeches in Dutch, English and German, and foreign guests will certainly not be forgotten!

’’I, Esther Pasman, hereby declare, extraordinary registrar of civil status, that your marriage has been performed…’’

How it works

If after the first contact (either by phone or online) you say YES! to me, we will make an appointment to meet each other.

I will come to your home and together we will discuss your wishes and ideas. In this conversation I want to get to know you and learn a lot about you. There might be fun and happy moments, but also important life-changing events you may want to be included in your speech.

Do you have any children? Then it is nice to involve them as much as possible. In addition to our conversation, I can also obtain information from parents, family or friends. Once I have gathered all the information, I will write the speech. The wedding day itself is always exciting, and I help to reduce that tension. It’s your special day!

In addition to the above, I also support you with matters that need to be arranged with the municipality in the Netherlands and advise you on options for the official part.

It goes without saying that my services are open and inclusive to everyone.

Renewing your vows

If your bond has been strengthened by a certain event or you have grown enormously closer to each other over a certain period, then the love can feel even stronger, even if you have been married for years. How beautiful is it to experience that moment again, but more consciously and intensely and with the life experience you have now?

By promising each other loyalty again, you put a crown on your relationship!

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