Cindy and Niek

When we met you, Esther, we knew immediately: we would love to have you as ‘our’ BABS. You are a warm woman with lots of humour and give good advice. We wanted a day where we would be together with the people closest to us. Nothing stiff, just a relaxed day. You conducted the perfect ceremony for us: sincere, with lots of humour and the occasional tear. You sense the situation and people very well, address them and respond where necessary. We also received many compliments from our guests. We are very grateful for this unforgettable ceremony! Much love.
‘Was that BABS a friend of yours?’ When people ask that about the BABS who performed your wedding, you know you’ve found the best. Esther is everything we were looking for. In the preliminary stage, we already had a very good feeling. What a nice person! Fine and easy contact and the first meeting indeed felt as if we were sitting at the table with a friend. During the ceremony, she managed to live up to all our expectations. Not normal. So much warmth and love, also towards our guests. Beautiful words, the right chord and great interaction. Dear Esther, thank you so much for marrying us. In our first message to you, we told you that we were looking for the nicest wedding officiant around…. We absolutely found that one!